Resting/ Individual skills development activities / Clubs

The development of preschool children is directly influenced by the number of hours of rest and sleep quality. A properly program of rest is a key issue for the harmonious grow and helps children to adapt to the kindergarten rhythm requirements.

A wide range of afternoon clubs is offered surcharged. Preschoolers can try something new, improve an existing hobby, or simply for fun and recreation. Clubs are conducted by the kindergarten staff and external.

Painting Club

promotes the development of sensitivity, imagination and artistic creativity through the visual language element operation (point, line, color stain, colors and non-colors). Preschoolers will form the habit of expressing plastically, will familiarize with materials, tools and various artistic techniques.

Chess Club

teaches children to think analytically and synthetically, helps them to take their own decisions, develops skills that child can then transfer into real life.

Funny English Club

involves practicing English through songs, games, small sketches. The attraction is the wide range of musical instruments, the colorful and playful rhythm of songs specially designed for this club.

Drama club

besides developing creativity and artistic expression, strengthens their children moral values , self-confidence, get them used to manners used in society.

Physical Education

sport education positively affects children's physical and mental qualities. Through sport, children develop courage, willpower, reaction speed, endurance.

Foreign Languages Club

offers to the children the joy of communicating in foreign languages such as English, German or French.

Aikido Club

teaches children to cooperate, to defend and react swiftly to events. Children acquire discipline, respect and control over their own states.

Dance Club

practicing dance elements in group and individually, on music, children become more sensitive to it, gaining flexibility and harmony in motion.

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