Activities on experiential domains

A particular importance in our program is given to the activities on experiential domains (AED), which are organized integrated or freestanding, conducted with children in the context of the planned thematic projects, according to the major themes proposed by curriculum and the age level, needs and interests of children in the group. The contents are related to the child's surrounding reality and experience, combining several curricular components contexts..

These Experiential Domains are:

Language and communication field
Science field
Man and society field
Aesthetic and creative field
Psychometric field

Yearly studied themes set out in the Pre-school Curriculum are:

Who is/are?
When/how and why it happens?
Who and how to plan/organize an activity?
How it is/was/will be here on the Earth?
What and how I express my feelings?
What am I and what I wish to be?

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