Learning from their own experiences

Our children actively participate in their own education. They are offered countless opportunities to discover, to know better and to highlight themselves.

In our kindergarten the children monthly attend practical knowledge programs, to help them easier understand the knowledge taught in class. Children need to see, touch and feel what is around them to satisfy their curiosity and learn with pleasure. Learning by doing, children are ready to become able to cope with problem situations and properly manage future challenges.

Thematic visits organized, during the academic year, in different destinations, choices that are based on the themes of the curriculum (visits, theater, Botanical Garden, library, market, farm animals, and museums) offers diverse opportunities for children to learn easy to discover their passions.

Trips, ecological and humanitarian projects, organized celebrations (Christmas / end of the academic year ) , birthday parties, workshops on various topics, are a great sources to support practical learning , which aims to develop creativity, independence and initiative, and a successful adjustment of the child in society.

All these activities are often conducted in partnership with various institutions of local horizon, thus developing positive relationships in the community and contributing to a good integration in society process of children.

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