Mary Poppins Kindergarten is one of the most popular pre-schools, from the north area of Bucharest, Herastrau, bilingual teaching, Romanian-English, established in 2001, accredited by the Ministry of National Education and Science (MENS) , according the Order of Ministry number 4501/02.09.2014.

Mary Poppins Kindergarten is a fairyland where children come to feel good, loved and safe, where they learn interesting things in a calm and relaxing environment, their own experiences are the basis for personal development.

Mary Poppins Kindergarten promotes education in all its dimensions, giving every child the chance to become able to respond creatively and responsibly in various situations of life, by highlighting the personal qualities. Children get the key skills necessary for the transition to a higher level of education, giving them later, as adults, real opportunities to learn and maintain these skills and competences.

The teaching and conversational languages are English and Romanian, so that children can communicate and learn in both languages. Mary Poppins Kindergarten is the right choice for the families that want a kindergarten where children develop their mind, cretivity and spirit. Children participate at English classes taught by foreign teachers, at German club, at acting, art, music, dance classes, team games, trips and thematic visits.

We teach children to discover who and what can be , by cultivating qualities like respect and self-esteem, positive thinking , responsibility , team spirit , tolerance , adaptability..

Game is the children’s way to discover the new, learn to relate, communicate and express what they feel. The first years of childhood and the period immediately following represent the basis of his personal development and his pleasure to learn, of interacting inside the community and of his interest in the world.

Mary Poppins team members are chosen primarily for love and affection towards children, for the care and attention that it offers , not least ,for the professional training and experience in education .

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Mobile 1: 0723.597.206
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Street Aron Cotruș, no. 69 E, 1st District
Bucharest, (French Quarter, North Road)
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