Mary Poppins Kindergarten , has its own kitchen and specialized staff, authorized by SVD and Public Health. We offer varied menus designed to contain foods from all groups: poultry (mostly turkey), beef, fish, eggs, cereals and flour, vegetables and fruit, dairy products.

During the day children benefit from: breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, afternoon snack.

Mary Poppins Kindergarten menu is in compliance with Ministry of Health no. 1563/2008 on the principles that underpin a healthy diet for children and primarily includes:

• dishes that kids just love
• nutritional component values according to the energy needed for growth and development
• fruits - desert and raw vegetables - salads

For us, the consumption of water is very important for health; in this sense our kindergarten is equipped with bottled water dispensers and disposable cups handy for children.

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Mobile 1: 0723.597.206
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Street Aron Cotruș, no. 69 E, 1st District
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