Fifteen years ago, a small group of people had a strong desire, to create a place where children can grow in an optimal climate, harmonious and safe.

Perseverance, soul willing and professionalism made this dream come true by Mary Poppins Kindergarten. Thus, debuting as a project timid, it was shortly transformed in a success.

Currently, Mary Poppins Kindergarten enjoys national recognition which reflects the quality of education and modern teaching which places the student at the center of education.

Mary Poppins Kindergarten achieved national accreditation from the Ministry of National Education and Science (MENS) and works under O.M.E.N decision, no. 4501 of 09/02/2014.

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Phone: 021 233.38.68
Mobile 1: 0723.597.206
Mobile 2: 0745.285.826
Mobile 3: 0722.136.090
Street Aron CotruČ™, no. 69 E, 1st District
Bucharest, (French Quarter, North Road)
Email: office@gradinitamarypoppins.ro
Website: www.gradinitamarypoppins.ro
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