Located in a resindential north area of Bucharest, close to Herastrau Park, our kindergarten and after school operates in a modern building, with bright spacious interiors.

We have a spacious yard (350 sqm.), covered with grass and landscaped for outdoor games and activities.
The space of kindergarten , represented by : classrooms , special place to play , doctor , bedrooms, own kitchen, dining rooms, is well organized , which leads to a optimal integration of children in a new environment.

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Phone: 021 233.38.68
Mobile 1: 0723.597.206
Mobile 2: 0745.285.826
Mobile 3: 0722.136.090
Street Aron CotruČ™, no. 69 E, 1st District
Bucharest, (French Quarter, North Road)
Email: office@gradinitamarypoppins.ro
Website: www.gradinitamarypoppins.ro
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